I recently worked on a graduate studies project that utilized a style transfer repository to create a film poster theme-conversion program. The goal of this program was to train and apply filter models onto numerous pre-existing film posters to quickly convert its thematic aesthetic to another genre.

An example of before (left) and after (right) the trained “Cyberpunk” theme filter model was applied.
ML pipeline for style transfer filter model output.
Using VGG16, a pretrained convolutional neural network model, I trained various
thematic filter models. Nvidia CUDA and Tensor Flow were also essential components of this project.

Reference images for training were gathered from online databases and designed manually through illustrator to represent the aesthetic essence of the film theme it was meant to represent. The below image was the reference image I used to train the Cyberpunk theme model, which was then applied to the Deadpool poster above.

This reference image incorporated a high amount of neon colors and geometric patterns, consistent with common Cyberpunk themed visuals.