When I worked at Realiteer, the company was contracted to create a virtual car showroom for Toyota. The goal was to create a VR environment where a users could “test drive” and examine the car before purchasing it. Below are some examples of my contribution to the project.

After stitching together footage from multiple lenses, I created a 360° immersive image for VR viewing. The resolution of these images is 4096×4096 and are split precisely at the vertical center at pixel #2048. This was so that the software developer could dedicate the top half for the left eye in VR and the bottom half for the right eye.
Color correction and filters were adjusted to not only improve image aesthetic
s but also to moderate brightness for user eye comfort in VR.
This test drive footage was shot with the Nokia Ozo 4k 360° camera. Using Ozo’s dedicated software I stitched together footage from 8 lenses and then formatted it with After Effects so that it could be launched as a VR video in our app.

This is a gallery of 360° images taken around the bay area. The dual layered images are formatted for VR viewing while the singular eyed images are are formatted for 360° image display.